Luxury homes in the North Bay Area

There’s a wealth of options when it comes to luxury homes in the North Bay area. Think of amazing vineyard estates in the heart of Sonoma, hilltop homes in San Anselmo, and exquisite country club properties in San Rafael.

Unique to North Bay are the following:

  • Location
    When it comes to real estate, you know that location is everything. In North Bay, Marin County’s picturesque views are second to none from the vantage point of a stunning waterfront home. You’ll covet the serene ranch house perched on Sonoma’s rolling vineyards. Or be lured by the private estates with hillside views in San Anselmo. There’s so much more to check out. Call Abby today at 415.497.9542 or email [email protected] for more information.
  • The latest amenities
    What would a luxury ranch in Sonoma be without a well-equipped wine cellar? Why go without intelligent temperature controls, the latest in sustainable energy features, or state-of-the-art security? Details, too, must be impeccable, from cabinetry, floors, countertops, window panes, outdoor landscaping and amenities, convenient access to key areas within the property, and so much more.
  • Standout styles
    There is character in North Bay’s luxury homes. San Rafael gives you a choice of Eicheler-designed homes, Spanish villas, and Craftsman-style dwellings. If you prefer Victorian-style homes, San Anselmo has wonderful choices. Properties in Sonoma mirror the city’s historic significance with modern takes on Adobe-style homes.
  • Views
    Unobstructed. Wall-to-wall. At a premium. For views to die for, North Bay luxury homes have the market cornered. You only have to choose from among Novato’s waterfront scenes, Sonoma’s rustic vineyards, San Anselmo’s hillsides, or the sight of majestic Mount Tamalpais in San Rafael. Get your fill from view decks and wall-to-wall windows, the same time your home gets suffused by natural light.
  • Privacy
    People in the real estate business call a piece of prized property with select neighbors a low-density location. What it just means is a less-crowded community where privacy is at a premium. This is the norm in the North Bay area, which is characterized by wide, open spaces devoted to farmlands, vineyards, or state parks. North Bay itself is the least populated area in San Francisco Bay; in Novato alone, the population density is less than 2,000 people per square mile.
  • Lifestyle options
    There is more to high-end homes than stunning features and amenities. They should offer owners the luxury of choice when it comes to the finer things in life. In Novato, for example, golf and equestrian pursuits are readily accessible. A luxury home in Sonoma means having some of the best varietals of wine in the world right at your doorstep. Look closely at the lifestyle opportunities the community offers, just as you would the home itself.
  • Sustainability
    While LEED homes fast becoming the norm, the basics remain the building blocks of energy efficiency. Make sure your luxury home has adequate ventilation, no leaks in sealing and insulation, appliances that are Energy Star rated, and perhaps a system that collects and recycles water.
  • Local expertise
    Bank on a local Realtor with an impeccable reputation to help you find your dream home. Frequently, such experts are long-time residents of the area and know the community like the back of their hand. They often possess inside information that may open doors to unlisted luxury properties or those with restricted open houses.

To get a luxury home in the North Bay area that is truly worth its price, call North Bay Real Estate Expert Abby Tanem today at 415.497.9542 or email [email protected].