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Megan and Chris D., American Canyon
I first worked with Abby in 2009. I was single and looking to purchase my first home. I figured I would be looking for a condo for myself and two dogs. Instead, we found great single family home on 1/4 acre lot in American Canyon / Napa County! Abby was wonderful walking me through this process as I was nervous venturing into home buying and making these decisions by myself. Fast forward to 2017 and the value of my home has more than doubled! So has my family! I am now married with three little boys and my mother-in-law lives with us making us a family of six. My husband and I have fallen in love with American Canyon but we realized that our growing family needed more space. We decided to explore our options of buying a larger, newer home. Abby did not disappoint. She carefully listened and considered all of our needs and wants. I was nervous about buying a home while selling our current home. Abby proposed a contingent buy and a contingent sell (our house would not sell without us securing a home to buy and we would not complete a purchase without the sale of our home.) This sounded fantastical with the stars needing to align but Abby remained confident that this transition was absolutely possible! And possible it was. We were able to buy a home (5 bedroom, 3 bath, 3 car garage, 3400 sq feet with beautiful wetlands views!) and sell ours within days of each other. Further, Abby set up a rent buy back to give us a week to move into our new home. Even weeks after moving, Abby continued to assist us with getting a few details hammered out including working with our home warranty to fix a plumbing issue. I simply would not use anyone else. Both times of working with Abby (and her assistant John) I have felt like I must be her only client. She works tirelessly, (weekends, evenings, early mornings) is always available for my every question (there were MANY), and has delivered with the PERFECT home both times.
York and Lucie, Novato
Abby and her team were great. We started with a few emails/texts to get a rough idea of what we were looking for. Then she scheduled a series of viewings on a Saturday. Little did we know she saw past what we thought we could get (a condo) and after viewing what we said we wanted, she asked if we had time to see another option (a house not a condo). Well that opened up a whole new can of (good) worms and after another Saturday of viewings we (thankfully) dumped the condo idea. A week and a half later we were in escrow. Abby and her team are a wealth of info on both properties and inspections but also on other necessities like lateral sewer repair grants, contractors, gardeners, etc. Almost immediately we felt like we were working with friends than just realtors. It's been a great and well paced process. My wife and I now have the house we really wanted!
Bob and Nori F., Novato
It does not get any better than having Abby for your broker. She is amazingly available and efficient. She walked us through everything,as we had not purchased another home in a number of years. The paperwork and reports were all handled so effortlessly. What a deal. Someone who can find the right home for you and cruise you through the hard stuff. Abby is also delightful and a pleasure to be with. Thanks Abby
Dave and Carla S., Novato
You will not go wrong with Abby on your side! She's thorough, diligent, and makes sure things get taken care of. She helped us sell our home and went way above and beyond what she needed to do to get it done. Abby is very knowledgeable about the market and her expertise guided us throughout the entire process. She was extremely responsive, caring, and on top of things from the beginning until the very end. We appreciate everything she did for us!
Kathy B., Novato
Abby Tanem and her team excel in real estate professionalism. We have just completed a transaction in Novato with Abby who found the property, showed it to us immediately, had the HOA documents to us before we got home, and was able to comfortably converse about the pros and cons of the property location, HOA, and feasibility of acquisition. We were thoughtfully walked through the process and had any and all questions answered immediately. If she did not know the answer, she found it and related it to us within hours. We have the utmost respect for her professionalism, her team that work with her, and her recommendations. Anybody who has the opportunity to work with her will be beyond delighted.
Brendan B., San Rafael
I am an estate planning and general business attorney who has been in Marin County for over 20 years. During that time, I have had the great pleasure of knowing and working with Abby Tanem. As such, I would give Abby my highest recommendation. Abby’s unique talent set has proven invaluable to me and my clients. She knows the Marin residential real estate market inside out and nearly everybody involved in it. In all transactions involving Abby, it quickly becomes apparent that Abby is one of the most respected agents in Marin. Abby is compassionate and takes the time to understand her clients and what they really need. As a result, she is able to market properties in a manner that is right on target. When there are problems, which is rare, Abby takes control of the situation and gets the issues quickly resolved. Over and over, Abby does so much more for her clients than was required or expected. I would describe her as fiercely loyal to her clients. She is also one of the most positive, upbeat people I have ever met which makes working with her a true pleasure. If I can answer any questions or provide any additional information regarding Abby, please do not hesitate to contact me at 415.492.0590.
Dana H., Petaluma
A stager acquaintance recommended Abby Tanem when I was in the midst of interviewing realtors. The first thing I noticed was Abby's calm voice, she was positive without being a salesperson - leaving our meeting I knew I wanted to work with her. Reading Abby's rave reviews on Yelp gave me further confidence, everything is true about Abby and her team. My project was a 1031 exchange, selling a Marin home I had lived in for 15 years and managed as a rental for 20 years; followed by purchasing a Sonoma County replacement property. We smoothly sped through preparations: pre-sale inspections, interior painting, small repairs, staging and landscaping - the service people Abby recommended were all friendly, polite and professional. An example of making things go well: one issue was a full light (windowed) door to the deck with a failed dual pane glass seal, making it a cloudy view. My cure would have been to replace the door - Abby had the glass replaced at a fraction of the cost and a simple procedure. She met with workers and handled everything yet it was a breeze when I wanted to collaborate. Abby is in control but not a control freak. The property looked fantastic and we received a quality, over-asking price offer from a couple who previewed the property before going on the market. The sale was trouble-free thanks to how Abby handled numerous details and any bumps along the way. I was thrilled to discover that Abby was well versed in Sonoma County towns and neighborhoods where I planned to purchase a replacement property, again, she didn't push me to have her represent me. John, Abby's capable assistant, handles many important communication and documentation aspects along the way - and met me on one occasion to show me a property. I never hesitated to ask questions, John would respond quickly and with a great attitude. We made offers on three properties - property complications arose in the first two and the third was charm. Observing how Abby handled each offer (all three properties had multiple offers yet ours was accepted) gave me insights into how Abby smartly tailored each offer to be most attractive related to the idiosyncrasies of property and seller needs. It is most important to Abby that you are happy with your sale or purchase, she will give you space to think and process, listens carefully, and she will give you her opinion. I always felt free to express concerns or ask questions along the way and Abby would either know the answer or do whatever it takes to find solutions. She is fearless and upbeat, I highly recommend Abby and her team and will certainly work with them on any future real estate transactions.
Stefan M. and Joe K., Novato
To start with I am very jaded about real estate agents after having gone through three previous home sales with horrible sales people. Needless to say we were having no luck with our agent interviews and then with one more to go Abby came in to sit and listen. Not talk to our faces about how great she was but just listen quietly and make some terrific suggestions. 10 minutes after we left my partner and I looked at each other and said OMG she is it. From that point on and through the entire sale process Abby did not disappoint. We were traveling internationally at the time and whatever issues came up Abby took care of so we did not have to deal with. Each step was fully explained and whatever documents that we were promised came in on time and done correctly. Closing was flawless, we always felt she had our back every step of the way and because she was so professional and top notch I truly believe we were able to sell the property to new buyers who were confident they were getting a great home. They were. I only wished I could have taken her to Florida with us to act as our agent for the new home.
Joe K., Novato
Abby was the 4th sales rep we interviewed for the sale of our 1.2 million house. This was our baby and we had put a lot of love and energy into the home before deciding to sell. After interviewing three agents we met with Abby and knew as soon as she left we wanted her as our agent. We were not disappointed and throughout the process with the standards we set for the sale Abby never missed a beat. As we were out of the country at the time several decisions had to be made and she did them all. If you are selling or buying a home and you interview agents please include her because you will see the professional difference.
Joe and Leila R., Novato
Abby has been a god send! From the very instant she was recommended to us to the day she gave us the keys to our new home she has been 100% in our corner. In every sense of the word she went above and beyond to make the entire process of buying and selling as easy as possible. I often found myself feeling like one of those clients that I'm sure every realtor dreads, but not once did Abby make me feel like I was. I've had my fair share of experiences with realtors and I'm always left feeling extremely disappointed. But every promise Abby gave me and my husband she kept. If ever given the opportunity I would gladly refer her to a friend.
Kyle and Laura, Novato
Working to buy a home with Abby is a first-class experience all the way. She is a top-notch agent for busy picky buyers (like us). Abby educated us about the neighborhoods we were looking at and guided us through the pros and cons of each house. When we were interested in a property, Abby whisked us there, talked to the agent, arranged the inspections, emailed the necessary documents, all in no time. She’s a whirlwind of activity and gets it done. Her assistant John works seamlessly with her. In a very difficult market, Abby got us into a wonderful new home within a few months of working with her. We love our neighbors and are so grateful to have our own place in Marin. Thank you, Abby!
Larry and Julie J., Novato
Abby is absolutely astounding. As other testimonials consistently relate, Abby possesses an exhaustive skill set. Of course, Abby provides all the basic services of a realtor with precision. But she does much more. Abby knows the Marin market - local history, current and anticipated listings, price trends, and day-to-day activity. Abby also has relationships with providers of the full array of support services: staging, photography and video production (presented with aerial views, daytime/nightime contrasts), cleaning, painting, repair, inspection, gardening and landscaping, pest control, and moving and storage. Abby independently made these arrangements for us at a reasonable cost for prompt and skillful service. When we needed to obtain permits for prior work, Abby provided the forms, presented them to the permit department, arranged the inspection, and obtained the permit documents. Abby’s assistant John helps keep everything happening on time, as planned. Most significantly, Abby provides a sense of good judgment in the decision making process that transcends the details. In our experience, Abby knows the right thing to do at the right time, and acts with confidence in a competitive business. Abby took us from listing to contract in approximately two weeks, and to closing approximately three weeks later, while coordinating our sale in Marin with our purchase on the Peninsula. Thanks, Abby.
Sue C., Novato
Since July my brother and I had an Estate to settle with 3 single family homes in the North Bay. I have had experience with other Realtors selling and purchasing and by far Abby has knocked it out of the park as her organizational skills, her caring for all the parties involved to make selling a property a pleasant experienc. I even felt great about who we sold the property to and 2 out of the 3 were sold for over the asking price and with one having a boundary issue to complicate things. However, with her skills and with her well oiled team who knows exactly what it takes to prepare, show off the homes online to give the most desirable views and have the home ready for someone to move into and feel comfortable immediately. It was the easiest time I ever had selling properties. Abby, through the years , has built up a great team to support getting things done from inspections, to lanscape, painting, carpets, and one home needed a roof. She got it all done quickly to make the homes shine and show well and boy, we got results! Couldn't be happier that we chose Abby!
Vivian G., Greenbrae
Abby was wonderful during the sale of our mother's home after she passed away. She was professional, patient and positioned the house perfectly. She sold it after the first weekend's open house. I would highly recommend Abby! Please take a look at the video of the home!!
C.G., Novato
Abby is the best of the best. She takes time to understand her client's needs, focuses on the details and has the capacity to negotiate a proper deal. We've trusted Abby with several of our families transactions, all of which closed successfully.
Kate S., Novato
If you are going to sell your home in Marin, Call Abby Now!!! I worked with an agent and was just about the sign a contract with her when I ran into a broker in a storage facility on a Saturday who stopped me and told me that I needed to call Abby immediately and she was right!!! My Real Estate agent had done nothing for me. I was exhausted. We were supposed to go live with a brokers open on Wednesday and all I had done was removed most of my furniture, repainted the trim , was replacing the carpet on Monday and boxing up all of my personal items. I called Abby that Saturday night. Abby told me there was not way she had time to go open on Wednesday. She needed to get her stager in after the carpet was installed on Monday to determine what items needed to be brought in for staging. She needed her professional photographer to come in after the staging to create these beautiful hard poster quality brochures. She needed time to create the my home's website. I told her I had spent every dime, I couldn't afford one more thing. She said that she would cover the cost of all of this and I didn't even pay her back after close!!!! Where's the contract!! Of course, I signed that night! Abby did everything she said she would do and more. She even hired a moving team to help me move my boxes out of the garage because she saw I was going to drop from exhaustion. No charge. The website was beautiful! The staging was a amazing and made my home exciting! I put my condo on the market for $615,000 ... my old agent told me I would be lucky to get $599,000. My first offer ... before the first public open house ... was $650,000. And we closed at $650,000. You can look it up. 713 Citrus Place Novato CA Right now, there is a home for sale for $615,000?? I don't understand? They need to call Abby!! If you get the lazy real estate agent like I had, you will leave a lot of money on the table! Thank you so much Abby!! Because of you I was in a position to buy my home today.
Kevin and Carol A., Orinda
As a Partner in a CPA firm, I am used to judging other professionals. And Abby's skill, hard work, and creativity are truly outstanding!! We had a home for sale that was midcentury and had some special issues. And Abby always had great ideas and choices for how to market the house. We ended up getting a full price offer after a single open house!! Anyone that is looking for professional and creative help with buying or selling their house couldn't do any better than Abby!!
Kathy W., Novato
Abby is the best realtor ever. I also sell real estate in Lodi, Ca and was looking for someone to take exceptional care of my mom who will be 88 in November. She went above all that was expected of her. If you looking for someone that will go the extra mile and then some Abby and her team will take great care of you. From one realtor to another your the best. Thanks again for making it easy on mom and me.
Charlie M., Novato
We choose Abby based on a thorough review and interview of several Novato realtors. We looked at the data and results of a number of realtors (% of ask, avg. time to sell, sales volume etc). Abby stood out in her preparation and thoughtfulness. However, she was even more impressive when we hired her: She went to work immediately, Her pricing, staging and marketing the home was spot on. She helped us to coordinate the services required to get the home ready. She made it incredibly easy. We are not local to Novato. Her and her teams communication was exceptional. She was tireless, but even better extremely efficient. Every detail, of the home, transaction, paper, escrow, several negotiations etc was handled thoroughly, accurately and patiently. Abby was amazing and I can not recommend her enough. I believe anyone hiring Abby and her team will be incredibly pleased with their decision and the outcome.
Herb and Sue K., Sonoma
Here is the truth about Abby Tanem: She is one third realtor, one third social worker, and one third magician! She recently helped us move from Hamilton in Novato to Oakmont in Sonoma during the Holidays in a highly complex real estate transaction. We were going for a Reverse Mortgage to Purchase, a relatively unknown and new type of mortgage product. Abby’s perseverance, tenacity and knowledge about the market made her totally invaluable to us. She guided us through each twist and turn of the transaction with sensitivity, grace and a great sense of humor! She absolutely would not let the deal fall through, even when that meant getting the owner of our prospective house to put on a new roof or talking directly to the underwriter to find out and provide exactly what was needed to close the deal. We couldn’t be happier in our new home and have Abby to thank for it!
Phillip and Mellisa M., Novato, CA
"Abby was totally amazing. When my mother-in-law passed away I was anticipating a horrible and painful process of emptying the house she had lived in for almost 50 years, getting it cleaned up and ready to sell. My wife chose Abby to represent her and the process was miraculous. Abby knew who to get to go through things and hold an estate sale, clean up and fix what was needed, deal with permitting issues, painting and staging the house. All we had to do to get amazing results was follow her recommendations. Her instincts were impeccable, and her recommendations all spot on. We wound up listing the house for substantially more than would have been possible without the improvements she recommended and had three offers within three days. Most importantly, my wife didn't have to endure an extended grieving period dealing with her childhood home. Abby is the first realtor I worked with who truly earned her commission. WOW!"
Javier L., Novato, CA
"Abby was recommended by one of my co-workers, and I am sure glad that I listened to her recommendation. My home search started the beginning of this year (2015) and at first I was scared to purchase a home in Marin county. But when talking with Abby she made me feel comfortable and at ease with the whole process. She took into consideration with all my needs and wants (nice neighborhood, affordable, and perfect for a family of three). Her assistant John was awesome and very patient with me during the home search, we looked at lots of homes in Novato and was was always on time and friendly with me and my kids, which made it lots of fun looking for homes. Abby also helped me with a loan person, which also made everything so easy and smooth during the whole process. I have purchased 2 other homes in the past and this is the fastest and most smooth experience that I have had. I would highly recommend Abby to anyone looking to purchase a home."
Hillary and Kelly, Bodega Bay, CA
Abby was recommended by a friend/colleague when I was grumbling about how complicated the process of home buying is. She said, "You need Abby." Next thing I know, I receive a call from Abby and hung up the phone thinking- she is the one. We worked with Abby over the ensuing months to find and purchase a 2nd home. We first looked all through Marin, then decided on Bodega Bay. The listings in Marin were perfect- Abby really listened to our wants and needs, likes and dislikes, and did not show us one home that did't fit within our search criteria. We've worked with realtors who show every listing just to speed up the process, but Abby is different. She works tirelessly for the best interest of her client. She favors quality over quantity, is very detail-oriented, and works for the complete satisfaction of the client. She is a dream. Intelligent, experienced, articulate, personable, kind and patient. Abby knows the Bay Area and can work with any personality. You will not be disappointed, she is the best realtor with which we've ever worked, and this was our 3rd home purchase.
Ron B., Novato, CA
Abby made selling my mom's home of 49 years the easiest. She is professional and SOOO organized. She helped us with an appropriate price. She guided us through the maze of inspections. And the house sold in five days. I have sold three other homes as I moved and no other realtor has been so easy to work with. She teams up with John who kept us connected on all the paperwork for the closing (did I mention this had to be done via email as we had moved my mom 300 miles away) and everything went smoother than butter. They are the best.
Jeff and Joella J. Fairfax, CA
Abby Tanem is the best! I met Abby when she was showing a home up the block from where I live. I was immediately impressed with her approachable manner and friendliness while still maintaining her professionalism. A few weeks later when it was time to look for a realtor to help us sell our home, I thought of Abby immediately. She came to our home for a consultation and my husband and I knew she was going to be our realtor. Selling one's home of 30 years after raising five children and all the memories that come with that can be a very emotional and stressful experience. Abby knew just when to offer advice and lead us to the end result of getting the best price for our home. She has an amazing quality of understanding what her clients are dealing with and how best to communicate what will be best for them. Her assistant John Hendricks was also very helpful with answering questions and helping us navigate the paperwork. I would not hesitate one minute to recommend her. She will do the very best for her clients with an abundance of knowledge, grace, compassion, professionalism, all with a sense of humor thrown in for good measure!
Joe De Maestri Sr., and Family, Novato, CA
It was such a gift working with Abby this past month. In starting the process of moving our 86 yr. old father from our family home of 54yrs, we had no idea how "Invaluable" Abby would become...Not only did she gently guide us all through the process, provide us with a Team of Extraordinary people, but she personally handled many of the details needed to keep the process on track! It is very easy to see why she is a Top Real Estate Agent in Marin! Abby is the BEST OF THE BEST in our Book.
Vicki and Kurt, Novato
Before selling our condo in Novato, we went to several open houses to check out the competition and also to interview agents. We were thrilled to find Abby: she was professional and knew all the details about the property she was selling, and the property showed beautifully. We knew that she was what we were looking for. Abby and her assistant John, have ensured a smooth and efficient process every step of the way. She guided us regarding what types of improvements to our condo would be cost-justified, and coordinated the efforts of the contractors. As mentioned by others, Abby is intimate with the Marin market and savvy about how to get the most for your property. We had several offers, all above asking price, and again, Abby helped us understand the details in the offers and select the ideal one. We closed in 30 days, and are still marveling at our great fortune in finding the best agent in Marin.
Alexis and Josh, Novato
My husband and I were first time home buyers and boy did we luck out with Abby. She was an absolute joy to work! It felt like having a trusted friend with us during the process. Abby walked us through the home buying process with insight and kindness. Abby was available when we needed her and patient with all our questions. She took the time to carefully explain each step, inspection and all the paperwork so we understood exactly what was happening. She listened carefully to what we wanted in a home and our budget - and thanks to Abby, we found a wonderful house that checked all the boxes (and was within our budget)! Abby is highly respected in the real estate community, and by her clients, for good reason. We feel so fortunate to have found Abby - and our home! She is best in class!
Eric F., Novato
I cannot recommend Abby enough as the BEST real estate agent you could possibly want! Abby has been my agent for over 15 years - I was introduced to her when I moved to Marin 15 years ago, and she has helped me move three times with absolute excellence. Each time I have either sold or bought a house, Abby (and more recently her assistant John Hendricks) have walked me through every step of the way to keep me on track, to advise me of things to watch for, and to hold me accountable when I needed it. Abby's style is personable, warm, professional, and effective. Most recently (April 2015), Abby and John handled my sale and purchase with sensitivity and confidentiality, given that it was part of my divorce and it was a major transition for me and my three children. They were always respectful of my family and kids, and were incredibly responsive to ANY question or inquiry - even when I had an anxious question at 11:30p, Abby was there to text me back right away. Abby has helped me in up-markets and down-markets (we bought in a short sale and did AMAZINGLY well) - and has shown herself to be creative, resourceful, and dedicated. Abby brings an amazing toolkit and team of professionals to assist you throughout your sale, purchase, and move - from home stagers to housekeepers to painters to roofers to electricians -- these folks are solid, quality folks who do amazing work at fair prices to help you meet your goals. If you are looking for an agent who will be your best advocate and help you find EXACTLY what you want, Abby (and John) are the team!
Rick M., Novato
Our first experience with Abby as our real estate professional could not have been better! Abby recently helped us with the purchase of our new home, and her service and expertise were second to none. While searching for our home, her assessment of our needs was spot on, and her slate of inspection contacts was very comprehensive, resulting in a purchase price $70k below asking. The escrow process was extremely smooth due, again, to her constant availability, team approach, and extensive use of time-saving electronic document signing. We would not hesitate to recommend Abby for any real estate needs.
John and Michelle H., Novato
We met Abby through our daughter, who had purchased her first home with her. When we decided to move from the central coast to Marin we didn't hesitate to call Abby. The market was blazing hot, with homes sold within a week of coming on. We needed a tough negotiator, knowledgeable of the area, knew home values, and how to strategize the best path to success. Enter Abby...TEAM LEADER! We found a home we were in love with. It had been on the market for two days. All offers needed to be in two days later. There were multiple offers. Abby's guidance and patience paid off. We got the home because of her exceptional efforts and skill. She arranged all the inspections and was present while they were preformed. There aren't enough stars on this website to sufficiently grade Abby's professionalism, integrity, and skill. She goes above and beyond all others....a real pleasure to work with. Thank you Abby!
Barb H., Kentfield
We met Abby at a house she was showing. She was gracious, welcoming and very helpful. We asked her to join our realty team for sale of our house. Abby had a very positive attitude toward the house, worked well with our other realtors, wrote an inspired property description, was very hands on about photographs and brochures, and brought in stagers who showed it to best advantage. After a single broker's open, the house was quickly sold with multiple offers.
Nick and Elaina F., Petaluma
My husband and I used Abby Tanem as our Real Estate Agent for the purchase of our first home. Buying our first home as a young married couple was very discouraging with the high market in Marin County, but Abby was so encouraging and never gave up on us! Abby was always so quick to answer all of my questions and was so efficient with the entire process. She took us through a few homes and we were so impressed with her knowledge with permits, the local market, etc! She was a delight to work with and we will be using her for all of our Real Estate needs in the future!!! Abby is the best!
Bob and Lisa F., Sonoma
Lisa & I will agree that Abby is certainly a top candidate for the "Best Realtor in the Bay Area". We set the price for our Bel Marin Key home and she got very near our asking price in a "cash" deal. She arranged for the inspections, the gardening, the staging, carpeting, interior and exterior house painting, house cleaning, and hauling junk to the junk yard. This was all done for a reasonable price. This skillful organization was especially important as we both have some physical disabilities making the transition a challenge after so many years in our Novato home. All we had to do was sign papers and provide a bank account for transfer of our funds. Once again, "Thank you Abby".
Miko L., San Rafael
Working with Abby Tanem was a delight. When my Mom passed away and I had to go about selling a house full of memories and stories, Abby was thoughtful, caring, considerate and totally on top of everything. She has the perfect combination of friendliness and professionalism. She explained the complicated paperwork with ease and made sure every detail was taken care of. She is principled and I appreciate that she holds honesty and full disclosure at the core of her work. John provided all the paperwork through docusign in an efficient and timely manner. He even organized my Mom's old box of house receipts. I would highly recommend this great team!
Ryan and Sarah B., Novato
Hands down, Abby Tanem has to be the best realtor in Marin County! Abby was the listing agent on a house we purchased several years ago. She was very pleasant and easy to work with then and so it made sense to have her list the same house she previously sold to us. Not only was she the listing agent on our home sale but she represented us as buyers with the purchase of a new home. I couldn't imagine a more complex situation: We found a home that we loved that wasn't yet on the market. We submitted a contingent offer (needed to sell our house in order to buy new one) and didn't even yet have our home on the market. After a few conversations with the listing agent, Abby worked her magic to get our offer accepted (which was unheard of to accept a contingent offer during the crazy Marin market) below the asking price. We then went into speed mode to get our house staged, fixed up and on the market within 1 week. Abby is so well connected that we had cleaners, window washers, stagers and movers all at our home within a few days (normally these people are booked out for weeks). Once our home went on MLS, we had multiple offers over asking price immediately. Abby had to figure out timing of close dates and move dates to coincide, multiple inspections on the new property while we were out of the country, lender challenges with our unusual situation, sellers who were difficult to work with and making sure both transactions ran smoothly. To say the least, Abby is a rock star! She remained so calm and poised during my panicked and stressed out phone calls. I never felt she was pressuring us to make decisions. The whole time she was confident, positive and dealt very professionally with new challenges that kept popping up. She kept us well informed every step of the way. In the end, everything closed on time and without any hiccups. Abby is one of the hardest working people I have ever met. She always made herself available and followed through on everything she said. I am probably one of the toughest clients she has had. I have exceptionally high standards, am super picky and expect perfection. Abby delivered on all fronts and it is because of her utmost integrity that I would refer her to anyone who was looking to buy, sell or both. And the icing on the cake is that Abby is so well respected and people love her in the community! Her reputation is top notch, she is very ethical, seems to know everything about real estate and is just a pleasure to work with.
Chris and Kevin, Novato
Let’s start with the basics: Abby Tanem and John Hendricks are simply a great team! They are effective, efficient, genuinely friendly and caring, and knowledgeable. Abby is most certainly savvy regarding the unique complexities of real estate, and definitely looks out for her clients’ best interest. Together they act as true ambassadors for your best interest through the sale process. Although I have purchased, and sold several homes in many different locations and under many different market conditions, I was not really familiar with Novato nor did I have a realtor contact there. As such I was doing significant exploration on my own. Due to friends living in Bel Marin keys and the lifestyle that seemed fitting for my partner and I (along with our three recently adopted children), we decided that is where we wanted to be. I met with a handful of realtors, and had snooped around every listing I could get my hands on, as well as researched on the internet. During some of my investigation I had called upon Abby’s office and made contact with her colleague John. He gave me insight I was looking for on one of their listings that was already in escrow, however, more importantly within 48 hours, he and Abby forwarded me a listing for a home that just popped on the market. Long story short, we bought it, and it is perfect. It meets all of our needs and as a special bonus, it is literally right across the water from our dear friends. The negotiation process for this particular home was quite unique (a story in itself). Yet most importantly was how Abby navigated through the process. Abby’s level headed thinking, and non-pressure approach was much appreciated. This was combined with her great communication style. She recognizes time is of the essence and communicated exceptionally throughout the process. Whether it was a quick text, a lengthy call to discuss logistics, or an email with important reference material she was always on point. Her responsiveness and follow through was great. Perhaps the best I have dealt with in over 20 years of having bought and sold homes. John was equally impressive. His professionalism is mature beyond his age. He was a true support throughout the process and quite frankly the team dynamics between he and Abby made for a flawless transaction. If you are searching for a realtor, consider your search over. I would trust them in a heartbeat to represent me in the sale or purchase of a home in a second.
Daniel and Devii, Santa Rosa
We were first time buyers looking for an investment property. This is an unusual situation, but Abby helped us through the process with ease. We explained to her what we were looking for, and in the end, she knew better than us what would be a good fit. We trust her judgement and recommendations. Abby was patient with our questions, explained things clearly, and often responded to emails and phone calls almost instantly. We really felt like she was there to help us. We also had the opportunity to work with her assistant, John H., who was very personable and dedicated.
Mary S., Novato
Abby Tanem helped me locate helped find my first home during what was a very stressful period in my life. I can honestly say that I would not have made it through the difficult times without Abby and her team. She is truly a "full service agent" and goes far beyond the call of duty of any real estate agent, assisting with every aspect of the transaction, including many that arise after the sale is completed. She provides that extra help that only a friend would provide, but that's no surprise because Abby becomes your friend during the process. Although I knew Abby before I selected her to be my agent, we got to know each other better during my search for a home. Abby helped me arrange to be repaint both the inside (removing popcorn ceiling and making textured walls smooth) and outside of my new home and to replace the wall-to-wall carpeting throughout much of the home with hardwood flooring and saw to it that this was all finished before I moved in. I was able to have my roof replaced shortly after I moved in and before the rains began. Abby has great contacts and she makes sure that the service providers that she recommends get the job done right. I highly recommend Abby for any real estate transaction that you have. You cannot go wrong with Abby Tanem and her team!
Richard and Leyla, Santa Rosa
We had all but given up. Almost three years of searching. One house after another, each with multiple problems, each more costly to repair than the last. If it wasn't dry rot, it was termites, fungus and mold in the crawl space or a sinking living room breaking away from the rest of the house. Homes that were in decent shape were either priced above what we could afford or we were out bid. Our feeling was that the search was hopeless grew with each house. Were we doomed to be renters forever? It seemed so. Then one last call about an open house. What the heck. What did we have to lose? It was Abby that answered that phone call. And that was when our dream of owning a home started to come true. Abby interviewed us. She asked questions and in the process of detailing what we were looking for she got to know us much better than our previous realtor. Instead of increasing frustration, hope began to grow. She showed us several homes and with the third home, everything changed. The location, the price and the timing all fell into place. After three years of frustration and growing dread, we moved into our home—two months after meeting Abby! Did the house need a little work? Yes. Once again Abby was the key to resolving the issues in a timely and affordable way. Abby provided a network of contractors, exterminators and necessary workmen to correct these problems. They were affordable, efficient, friendly and above all, knowledgeable. We were comfortable with everyone that Abby introduced us to. All good people. We couldn't have imagined a better situation. Once we met Abby, every step of the way to owning our home was rewarding. We couldn't be happier. Thank you Abby! You are our angel!
Gwenn W., Novato
I just completed the emotional and difficult decision to sell the home where I raised my children AND I could not have done it without Abby’s support and expertise! Through the staging, incredible photography, and top notch marketing (materials and campaign) Abby represented my property as if it were her own! She hosted a wine tasting open house in the evening to showcase the beautiful sunset from my deck! She gracefully navigated a potential landmine of city permit issues – saving me time and money in the process. And Abby was always available with support, ideas and energy. But her knowledge of the market really shined when it came to pricing the property. She gently steered me to a price that generated multiple offers, well over asking price within three days!
Eileen and Frank B., Petaluma
Starting with our very first contact with Abby Tanem we knew we were working with a true professional. Abby had answers to our many questions. She listened to our criteria and helped us locate the perfect investment property. Abby never wasted our time showing us properties that were over our budget or unlike our vision. When we located the perfect property she gave us good advice so we were sure to have our offer accepted. Although it turned out to be a very long short sale (9 months) Abby made sure things went as smoothly as possible and kept us informed on the status of the process and made sure we were protected during the many steps. Abby was always available whenever we needed to speak to her. Abby is very good with details and we felt so comfortable with each phase in purchasing our property as she gave us excellent advice. Starting from day one Abby’s expertise was invaluable. Abby’s knowledge and professionalism did not end after the close of escrow. Abby has been a very resourceful aid in our renovation process. She offers years of experience accompanied by a true love of her work, which definitely shows. Abby is a pleasant, capable ally to accompany anyone through a real estate transaction. Abby is trustworthy, honest, and reliable and was a true pleasure to work with. She exceeded our expectations and we would definitely use her services again.
Jan and Parke, Novato
Abby Tanem is a true professional who will go the extra mile for her clients every single time. in our case, she ran the marathon with us! (or maybe she ran it for us!) Abby saw us through a very difficult sale situation and was by our side with expertise, advice, and unbridled enthusiasm for the duration. Our dream home was a short sale which became a foreclosure and which tok months to complete. Through every stage, through thick and thin, with every twist and turn of the proceedings, Abby was on the ball and tireless. Even when we were discouraged by the bank's unresponsiveness, when we were ready to give up, Abby's commitment carried us through and got us the house we wanted, at the right price. We are certain that if anyone but Abby had been our realtor, we would not be living in our dream home today. She is simply the best.
Michael B. and Debbie G., Santa Rosa
Only four months ago, my wife and I were hopelessly underwater with our mortgage. There was no way in our lifetimes that we would ever see our way out of the financial hole we were in. We'd tried mortgage modification three times without success. We could not refinance. We could make payments, but due to debt accumulated during a period of unemployment, there was nothing left after paying bills. We're no spring chickens and had hopes of retiring within a few years. This seemed unlikely at best. In looking for a new home, Abby kept nudging us towards a couple of 55+ communities. This seemed outlandish. We qualified easily, but we weren't ready for a retirement community. Not us. But we kept our options open and looked at everything that remotely interested us both in and out of retirement communities. We found several houses in our price range that sorely tempted us, and ironically they were all in 55+ communities. We had discovered what Abby had been patiently pointing out; our money went a lot farther there than anywhere else of interest to us. Besides, there were the amenities that came with owning a house in those communities. The next issue was the loan. Although we qualified for the program allowing us to get an FHA mortgage very shortly after a short sale, we qualified for different amounts depending on which lender we were talking to. And there were different hoops from lender to lender. But Abby was ever resourceful. As soon as one lender would put up too many obstacles, she would move our application to another lender whose requirements were different enough that we might be able to actually make a deal. In total, we probably tried three or four lenders, one of them twice, before we got our loan. But without Abby's resourcefulness and persistence, it never would have happened. Currently we're in a 55+ community, very happy there, enjoying the house, the multiple amenities as well as the area and extremely grateful to Abby, John and everyone else who played such pivotal roles in making our lives much, much richer in a few short months.
Philippe and Katheryne B., Novato
Buying and selling real estate is not, by any means, a stress free undertaking. More than likely this applies to the seller, buyer, and brokers involved. We went on a real estate adventure approximately four months ago and chose Abby Tanem as our broker as she was very familiar with the 94949 area that we were certain we wanted to live in and because we had heard positive comments on her real estate acumen. The journey began with much house hunting, drive-by’s, and dashed hopes of houses on which we were outbid. Undaunted by anything negative, Abby continued to give hope and yes, more real estate, for us to look at for a future home. We received a call about a home that fell through escrow at the last minute and the phone call from Abby had us there within an hour. It was a lovely home, a short sale (ugh!...for both us and the sellers). Abby clicked in to high gear, had us signing an offer in hours, and upon winning the bid, we were in escrow. Short sales and foreclosures are a difficult process, especially for the buyer, as paperwork can take decades to get processed and the waiting can be tough. Wondering, waiting, and getting frustrated as other nice homes came on the market had us scratching our heads wondering if we should just look at something else that may be an easier process. Abby made the transaction proceed as pleasantly as could be. She was on top of things throughout the process, constantly in touch with us, detail oriented, and as professional as can be. It’s hard to put down on paper how much we appreciated both Abby’s professionalism and attention to detail. We are in our home now and cannot, in all honesty, come up with a single negative detail that was involved in this transaction as Abby’s talent as a top notch agent shined throughout the deal. We would recommend her to anyone in the market for real estate. It was a pleasure from start to finish working with her and we are extremely pleased to be in our new home as a result of her efforts.
Susie U., Novato
We had been looking for a new home in Novato for almost six months, with no results.Our frustrating experience quickly came to an end when Abby Tanem became our real estate agent. Abby invested the time to truly understand what we were looking for in a house; the ideal location and our desired school district. She found the perfect home, in the perfect location that met our aesthetic and design criteria. Her savvy negotiating skills also helped us secure the home for a price that was below our targeted budget. Not only is her service, support and expertise amazing during the home buying experience, but the support we received from her and her team after we purchased our home was phenomenal: • Abby advised us of a grant program to help supplement the cost of a sewer lateral replacement AND her team even secured the necessary vendor quotes and assisted us in competing the application paper work. We received the grant,which allowed us to replace the lateral with virtually no out of pocket expense. • Abby connected us with service providers to help us get settled in our new home such as landscapers and painters • Abby continues to touch base with us to see how we’re settling in our new neighborhood. We highly recommend Abby. Her attention to detail, diligent follow-up and “know how”has made her the most effective real estate professional we’ve ever worked with.
David and Lynn W., Sonoma
Abby Tanem recently represented us on both the sale and purchase of homes. Although she loves to help people buy and sell real estate, Abby is not your typical real estate agent. She does much more than simply show homes and run open houses. She knows the market and works to help the client make the right buying/selling decision. Abby communicated with us often and kept us on track with new homes on the market. Having purchased 6 homes over the years, we can say that Abby is far and away the best real estate agent we have worked with. She loves her work, takes every client's needs seriously and adheres to high standards of professionalism. She is THE BEST!!! Abby takes the time to listen to the buyer/seller and works hard to meet their goals. She is up-to-date on properties currently on the market, seems to know of new homes that will come on the market in the near future and has a wealth of knowledge on industry trends. During the sale/purchase of a home Abby also has a well-rounded list of high-quality contractors, painters, home improvement/decorators, mortgage brokers, photographers, etc. Photographs taken to present the home we were selling were stunning and the sales flier that Abby developed beautifully presented the features of our home. During the sale/purchase of our homes, Abby also helped us by giving referrals to both a plumber and a roofer. We received competitive bids from others and called references for all before making the decision to use contractors referred by Abby. The plumber she referred us to replaced the entire sewer line at the home we were selling. They did the job quickly and efficiently. It also helped that they were the low bidder on the job. When the job was done we could hardly see any evidence that the ground had been disturbed. After moving into our new home, we had the roof replaced by the roofer referred by Abby. Although not the low bidder, we cannot be happier with the quality, timeliness and price for the work performed. Her referral list is excellent. Simply put, Abby is the best. If you want to buy or sell a home, then you cannot go wrong with Abby Tanem!!!
Martin P., Novato
I want to acknowledge that I have had no prior relationship with Abby before meeting her to find my home in Marin County. I am your average blue collar working family man, and have no vested interest in this company... As a first time home buyer in Marin County, Abby and her team made the process both smooth and painless. I have nothing but positive things to say about how she handles her clients and follow through--- from the search of the right property to the signing at the close of escrow. Firstly, she listened to what my criteria was for the property I wanted. Price, location, and use helped Abby determine the right house for me. Secondly, her fantastic attention to detail and experience helped me get the property that I wanted at the right price along with contingencies I did not even think about asking from the seller party. Lastly, Abby actually gives a damn about her clients and genuinely cares about their needs, and concerns. I have no reservations about recommending Abby and her team to anyone, and would not hesitate to do business with her again. She represents what every real estate agent should be in this business. I also really liked the fact that I felt like she was helping a friend and fellow human being, and I did not feel like another paycheck in her eyes like other agents I have worked with in the past.
Cynthia and Larry K., Santa Rosa
Abby is a phenomenal real estate agent. Very hard working, very responsive, and obviously loves her job and showing homes – she was always willing to show us any home we wanted to see. Early in the process she strove to understand what we really wanted in a house and help us identify neighborhoods/areas/houses that might be what we were looking for. During the 9+ months it took until we were the successful bidder on a home, we covered a lot of territory, and she encouraged us to make offers on homes we liked even when our best bid was significantly below the asking price. This gave us some helpful experience with the process and, in the unique market environment at the time, it was always possible that we could have been the successful bidder. Abby’s established relationships with the best of the wide assortment of highly qualified professionals needed to perform various inspections was very valuable, especially when inspections were needed in a hurry. Everyone who has seen the home we ultimately successfully purchased has exclaimed that the house is beautiful and in a lovely neighborhood. We appreciated Abby’s professionalism during difficult negotiations and her efforts to prevent the sellers from backing out on things they said they would take care of. Her follow-up after the purchase to ensure the stipulations in the sales agreement were carried through and to obtain additional information desired from the sellers was greatly appreciated as well. We think FHA is lucky to have her on their team and highly recommend Abby other home buyers.
Tyler and Larry, Petaluma
Abby helped us purchase our new home in Petaluma. She worked tirelessly to find a home for us that would accommodate our needs within our price range; she is incredibly efficient. Abby responds to questions and/or researches for the answer immediately. I was very impressed with how quickly she got back to us with complete, thorough answers. Even when she was on a family trip she continued to send me information regarding new houses she wanted us to consider! Both my husband and I are very appreciative of how smooth she made the usually stressful process of buying a house.
Lisa J., San Rafael
I was someone who thought I could never afford to own my own home especially in Marin County but friends persuaded me to try so one day I walked into Frank Howard Allen in Greenbrae and that is where my relationship with Abby started. Even though I didn’t think I could afford to buy a condo she was very optimistic that I could and worked hard to show me properties in my price range. She was very patient, informative and thorough in the process and 6 short months later I now own my own condo. Thank you, Abby!
The Sells Family, Novato
Abby has really taken us under her wing and proved to us her deep commitment to our needs. We first met Abby at an open house she was hosting. We were new to Marin and she helped us narrow down some choices. She saved us from making some potential horrible selections in a crazy market where homes were selling very fast and over asking prices. We found a home after an intense search and she stood by our side in the toughest times during the search. Fast forward eight years later, we called Abby again, who has kept in touch with us through all the years. This time we needed to sell our home. Her marketing skills were top notch and sold the home within a week with multiple offers. While other houses were sitting on the market for a much longer period. Her pride in showing and caring for our home during the sale was outstanding. It was a smooth process and she made every accommodation to make the closing process fit our family's schedule. Now we are looking for a home in another part of the state with a new agent. We quickly found ourselves saying, "We wish Abby was here!". She truly is a remarkable person. She was there during some of the most important transitions in our lives. We dearly miss Abby. We highly recommend her to anyone looking for an agent to buy or sell a home. Sincerely, The Sells Family
Craig and Teresa Stern, Novato
Abby Tanem came highly recommended to me by several of my colleagues at Guide Dogs. No surprise, she was a dream to work with, and she made my dream of owning my own home in Marin a reality. I am legally blind and travel with the assistance of my Guide Dog "Dario", so location is very important to me. Abby really took the time to understand my needs and scope out appropriate properties. She also had to help serve as my eyes when exploring properties and she gave me honest feedback. When we found the place that made my heart know we were at home, she was not scared off that it was a "short sale". In fact, I think Abby liked the challenge! Not only did we get the price we wanted, in a reasonable time, Abby also negotiated the seller paying closing costs - almost unheard of in a "short sale"! And if that's not enough to demonstrate her amazing skills and dedication, she handled much of the negotiations while on vacation in Spain visiting her son! Abby provides a "full service" approach to real estate. She has surrounded herself with extremely talented professionals, from loan agents to painters. These connections really took the stress out of my experience. What's more, Abby made the whole thing fun, and life is too short not to have fun! The only bummer about buying my new place is that I don't get to spend as much time with Abby! "
Marc G. and Christy G., Petaluma
"My wife Christy and I purchased our very first home in July 2008 with the supportive and expert assistance of Abby Tanem, with Madison Company. Being first home buyers it was an exciting yet sometimes stressful experience just because of all the unknowns that we came across being completely new to the whole process. No matter how much research we did, we learned very quickly that in order to navigate safely through everything and be able to see the "forest from the trees", you need to form a trusting relationship with your realtor and know that he or she is on your side and is working as hard as you are. From our first meeting with Abby where she was so personable, friendly and completely open to answering all our questions, we formed a great working relationship. Abby is a 24/7 realtor and you always know that she is involved with you and working on something to do with your home search; she never rests until the job is done! She also believes in buyers having an emotional attachment to their home purchase and that was very important to Christy and me. There is no doubt that Abby became the person we placed our trust in and without her help we would not have got the beautiful home that we have now, even more so because our experience was completely different to what we expected. She volunteered to not only deal with a bank-owned property with all the delays, frustrations and "bends in the road" that go along with such a purchase, but she then showed her talent and energy by taking on the role of ‘project manager' to coordinate inspections, trades-people and contractors to carry out considerable repairs and renovations to transform it into our dream-home. One last thing I would say about Abby is that it is sometimes the case in life that you learn most about a person when things become a challenge rather than when progress is smooth. Well in these situations is where Abby showed what she is all about, loose ends were never forgotten, she always took care of details and rose to the challenge rather than left it to us or backed away. She helped us deal with stress and took the load off our shoulders. We have no hesitation in recommending Abby to anyone interested in purchasing a home and can't thank her enough for what she did for us."